Joseph Jordan-Johnson (they/them) is a fat black queer writer & visual artist from the suburbs of Chicago, now residing in Portland as an editor for this lovely magazine. Their work has been featured in Nepantla, Jackalope, and UChicago’s Blacklight Magazine. They make the best chili, eat the best sorbet, and often wish twinks got less attention. 

Affirm them on Twitter @authenthicc

Wayne P. Tate Jr. (they/them) is a non-binary, queer, second-generation mixed hapa Filipinx-American artist. Within their artmaking practice, they identify as a storyteller, usually focused in comics and writing but sometimes in video. They look to find new ways for marginalized identities to exist in fiction and attempt to construct new realities that are based in emotional reality without fetishizing/commodifying the narratives of people of color. They were/are born, raised, and based in the city of Chicago, remaining close to their mother and younger brother, who they owe the world to. You can follow them at @tatertotter on Instagram and @tatert0tter on twitter.


Imani Love (she/her) is a 19 year old certified Wild Woman™ from the California Bay Area. She’s a poet first, but also a performer, hoarder of half written songs, image maker and ground shaker. Her work directly reflects on her experience as the complex, anciently innovative magical being that is a Black Womyn. She’s probably somewhere thinking about the ocean singing Lil Kim. @thoughtsandkeys //


T (she/her) is a Scorpio, an absolutely lovely human being who would most likely sacrifice herself for all her cats if it came down to it. You can find her not in art school selling nice soaps to yr fave white hipsters and defending her reign as top queer rock collector in all of the midwest. 

Portraits by Wayne P. Tate Jr.